Streamlining and Enhancing Customer’s Smart Home Gateway

Type of Service: Support
Type of Device: Gateway

In a nutshell

The task assigned to our engineer is to optimize and ensure the smooth operation of the latest version of the customer’s Smart Home Gateway. The Gateway plays a crucial role in managing Smart Home devices and relies on Thread protocol, ZigBee, Matter, and BLE technologies. It functions as a central device, configuring and controlling other devices through BLE, facilitating control of ZigBee or Matter based devices. The engineer’s primary responsibility is to address issues with the Gateway that cause disruption in the performance of associated devices, caused by main processor-related problems. Through rigorous testing, modifications, and enhancements, the engineer aims to ensure the Gateway’s proper functionality, improve its operation, and provide continued support to the customer.

Project overview

Project Duration:

01.2023- now

Team setup:

1 x Embedded Software Engineers


BLE, ZigBee, Thread, Matter, C, python, Linux

Client Requirement

The client sought the development of an upgraded, high-quality gateway specifically tailored for Smart Home applications. This new version needed to function flawlessly and offer seamless configuration via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Additionally, the gateway was required to effectively manage and control connected devices, such as those running on the ZigBee protocol.

Project Scope

  • Performance Optimization: Address issues stemming from a weak processor in the customer’s existing gateway.
  • Device Compatibility: Conduct tests to ensure that the gateway can support multiple new products without performance degradation.
  • Reliability Enhancement: Implement improvements to stabilize the performance of connected devices, eliminating queue-related issues that led to erratic behavior.
  • Testing: Rigorous testing to validate that the optimized gateway meets all performance and reliability criteria.


To achieve the project objectives, the engineer follows a systematic approach:

  • Conducts a thorough analysis of the customer’s Gateway to identify and understand the root causes of the scattered device performance.
  • Addresses problems related to the processor that lead to erratic behavior of connected devices.
  • Performs extensive testing and diagnostics to identify potential areas of improvement.
  • Implements necessary modifications and enhancements to streamline the Gateway’s performance and stability.
  • Focuses on supporting the customer throughout the optimization process, ensuring their requirements are met.

Results and Achievements

By employing the above approach, the engineer achieves the following results:

  • Successfully streamlines the Smart Home Gateway, resolving issues that caused disruption in connected device operations.
  • Improves the Gateway’s overall functionality and performance, leading to a more reliable and efficient Smart Home ecosystem.
  • Ensures seamless compatibility and control of ZigBee-based devices through BLE configuration.
  • Provides valuable support to the customer, ensuring their satisfaction and continued use of the enhanced Gateway.


Our engineer’s dedication and expertise in optimizing the Smart Home Gateway with Thread, ZigBee, Matter, and BLE technologies have resulted in a highly efficient and stable system. By addressing processor-related issues, the engineer has significantly improved the performance of connected devices and enabled smooth control over ZigBee-based devices through BLE configuration. The successful streamlining of the Gateway showcases the engineer’s commitment to delivering top-notch solutions and fostering a strong partnership with the customer.

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