In the beginning of 2023, January 5-8, 2023 to be exact, one of the largest consumer gadget shows took place. The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2023- technology trade show was held in Las Vegas, bringing together vendors, manufacturers, distributors, investors and even tourists and enthusiasts of new technologies.

Exhibitors were held in congress centres and in the banquet halls of hotels , visitors cauld feel like they were in the future, as they were attended by robotic assistans, and there was an opprtunity to ride in the newest car models, as the automotive industry for a large percentage of the show’s participation.

This year, the CES technology trade show attracted more than 3,000 exhibitors. It was a challenge to visit every one of them during those few days, and no one could complain about the lack of attractions.

Both start-ups and giants in the market or significant companies in a particular circle of interest participated in the fair. Among the interesting projects was a prototype of a smart bird feeder (called Smart Hummingbird Feeder) that can take pictures of birds by Bird Buddy.

Another interesting project on exposition was a Motorola smartwatch designed for the elderly with the ability to detect a fall and notify the family. Also on exhibit was the U-Scan, which is compatible with the Health Mate app and involves attaching a U-scan device to a toilet bowl, which sends health data to the app based on a urine sample. This solution is expected to be available in mid-2023.

Also exhibited was a 75-inch TV from Sylvox, which is completely waterproof, or Catmos, a small artificial intelligence-based device that attaches to a pet collar and is used to monitor the health of a dog or cat.

While a lot of posts this year have focused on innovations that make life easier or monitor health, so has the automotive industry, where BMW and Vision Dee presented a color-changing paint job. This is happening through a high-tech E-ink coating. BMW and Vision Dee gives access to 32 colors, including purple, red, yellow or even green. In addition to the above concepts, needCode also had a contribution to make at CES 2023. Our engineers designed an arcade game that was presented at the booth of our key partner Qorvo. needCode’s engineers took great pleasure in the full development cycle, starting from the mechanical design, through the implementation of the embedded and desktop applications, to the assembly of the final device. A full set consisted of spinning a wheel, big button, multiprotocol gateway and PC game.

Using the spinning wheel to control speed and the button for jumping, players tried to beat high scores by jumping over obstacles. The game was meant to demonstrate the use unique Qorvo’s technology – Concurrent Connect.

Each user input uses different RF technology, while gateway was intended to receive both concurrently. The game was very popular and graced the stand of our partner, which is engaged in providing innovative and high-performance RF solutions for advanced wireless devices, defense radar and communications.

The CES 2023 trade show was unique because of the innovative products, as well as the direct input and opportunity to showcase a device and technologies delivered by needCode. The effects of our work are shown in the attached photos.

Stages development of our game:

1. Testing phase of the demo version:

2. Stage of shipping from Poland to Las Vegas:3. The final result at CES 2023: