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IoT transformation

Strategize, Innovate, and Thrive with our End-to-End Solutions, Accelerating Your Business Growth in the Digital Landscape

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Strategic Digital Transformation Services

Business Consulting: Create a robust strategy and roadmap for transformation with our in-depth business transformation readiness assessment.
Tech Consulting: Modernize existing solutions, initiate R&D for new projects, and benefit from our tech advisory to accelerate technology adoption.

End-to-End Development Services

Discovery Phase: Define and refine your project scope with our thorough requirements gathering, business process mapping, and prototyping.
Custom Solutions: Leverage our expertise with over 2,000 tech consultants and 20 years of experience, specializing in areas such as embedded software, IoT, cloud transformation, AI, and more.

Driving Business Growth

Digitize and Digitalize: Adopt a digital-first approach, digitize operations, and enhance efficiency, productivity, speed, and accuracy of processes.
Make Better Decisions: Transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights with our data expertise, covering Data Science, Big Data, ML, AI, business intelligence, and effective data visualization.
Scale with Ease: Expand operations swiftly with advanced technologies; our Cloud and DevOps experts ensure seamless migration, scalability, and uninterrupted system performance.
Find New Revenue Streams: Launch digital products, enhance customer experiences, and create new revenue streams with technical consulting for sustainable business growth.

IoT maturity model

At needCode we use our in-house maturity model to enable IoT technologies to increase your product’s value offering having end-customer in mind. We are experts in embedded software development, with strong technological acumen in connectivity that enables us to guide you through end–to-end IoT transformation of your products.

Dimension Description of Maturity Level 1 (Low) Description of Maturity Level 5 (High) Impact of Embedded Software Solutions for IoT Transformation
Connectivity Limited device connectivity; minimal network infrastructure. Robust connectivity, supporting diverse devices; advanced network infrastructure enabling seamless communication. Optimize device communication, ensuring compatibility and efficient integration with various networks, contributing to a seamless connectivity experience.
Data Management Limited data collection and storage; basic data formats. Advanced data management with real-time processing; structured and unstructured data integration; effective data governance. Facilitates sophisticated data processing, enabling real-time analytics and integration of diverse data formats, thereby enhancing overall data management capabilities.
Security Basic security measures, vulnerabilities present. Comprehensive security protocols; end-to-end encryption; proactive threat detection and response. Companies implement robust security measures, including encryption and advanced threat detection, ensuring a secure IoT ecosystem.
Analytics Limited data analysis; basic reporting capabilities. Advanced analytics, predictive modeling, and actionable insights; leveraging machine learning for decision support. Enable advanced analytics, leveraging machine learning algorithms to extract valuable insights from IoT data, enhancing decision-making capabilities.
Integration Limited integration with existing systems; siloed data. Seamless integration across platforms and systems; interoperability with various technologies. Ensure seamless integration by developing interfaces that allow IoT systems to communicate effortlessly with existing platforms and technologies.
Scalability Limited scalability; challenges in expanding IoT deployment. Highly scalable architecture; ability to accommodate growth and increased device deployment. Design scalable architectures, allowing IoT systems to expand easily, supporting growth and the deployment of additional devices.
User Experience Basic user interfaces; limited user engagement. Intuitive, user-friendly interfaces; personalized experiences; proactive user engagement. Enhances user interfaces, providing intuitive designs and personalized experiences, contributing to increased user engagement in the IoT environment.
Interoperability Limited compatibility with other IoT devices and platforms. Seamless interoperability with diverse IoT devices and platforms. Ensure interoperability, enabling effective communication and collaboration between various IoT devices and platforms.
Sustainability Limited energy efficiency and environmental considerations. Energy-efficient designs; environmentally conscious IoT practices. Contributes to sustainability by optimizing energy consumption in IoT devices and implementing eco-friendly practices in software development.
Regulatory Compliance Limited adherence to industry regulations and standards. Strict adherence to industry regulations; proactive compliance measures. Companies implement features ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations, reducing risks and ensuring a secure IoT environment.
Edge Computing Limited processing capabilities at the edge; dependence on centralized systems. Efficient edge computing capabilities; reduced dependence on centralized processing. Enhance edge computing, enabling devices to process data locally, reducing latency, and improving overall system efficiency in IoT deployments.

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End-to-End Solutions

Crafting comprehensive software solutions aligned with your specific requirements, we offer end-to-end software development services. From conceptualization to deployment, our software engineering team ensures a bespoke approach, delivering cutting-edge IoT solutions that redefine industry standards.

Custom Development for Regulations/Certification Compliance

Navigate regulatory landscapes seamlessly with our expertise in custom development for compliance. We ensure your IoT solutions adhere to industry regulations and certifications, providing a foundation of reliability and trust.

Finding, Hiring, and Growing Top Tech Talent

Build a powerhouse team for your IoT projects. We assist in finding, hiring, and nurturing top tech talent to ensure your team is equipped with the skills needed to drive innovation and success.

Manual QC

Ensure the reliability and functionality of your software with our Manual Quality Control (QC) services. Our experienced team meticulously examines your applications, identifying issues and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Automated QA

Accelerate your testing processes with our Automated Quality Assurance (QA) services. We design and implement automated testing frameworks to enhance efficiency, reduce time-to-market, and ensure the robustness of your software.

Performance Testing

Ensure your software’s scalability and responsiveness with our Performance Testing services. We simulate real-world scenarios, measure system behavior under different conditions, and identify opportunities for optimization.

AQC Assessment

Evaluate the effectiveness of your Quality Control processes with our Assessment for Quality Control (AQC). We conduct thorough assessments to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement in your QA practices.

QA Pipeline from Scratch

Create a reliable and efficient QA pipeline from scratch with our services. We design and implement end-to-end testing processes, integrating seamlessly with your development workflows for continuous quality assurance.

Testing Optimization

We analyze your existing workflows, identify bottlenecks, and implement strategies for continuous improvement, ensuring your software meets the highest quality standards.

Experience and Product Design

Craft exceptional user experiences with our design research and discovery services. Understand user needs, preferences, and behaviors to inform the design of your software.

Requirements Hunting

Thoroughly identify and document software requirements with our Requirements Hunting services. Ensure alignment between user expectations and system functionalities from the outset.

Ideation and Scenarios

Explore creative possibilities and potential user scenarios with our ideation services. We generate innovative ideas and scenarios to inform the design and development of your software.


Bring concepts to life with our prototyping services. We create interactive prototypes that allow you to visualize and test the user interface and functionality before the full development phase.

UI and Interaction Design

Craft visually appealing and intuitive user interfaces with our UI and interaction design services. We focus on creating designs that enhance the overall user experience.

User and Usability Testing

Validate your software’s usability with our user testing services. We gather feedback from real users, ensuring that your software aligns with user expectations and preferences.

Cloud Strategy and Readiness Assessment

Define a robust cloud strategy with our Cloud Strategy and Readiness Assessment services. We evaluate your current infrastructure, identify opportunities for cloud adoption, and provide a roadmap for a seamless transition to the cloud.

Cloud Adoption and Migration

Leverage the benefits of the cloud with our Cloud Adoption and Migration services. We facilitate a smooth transition of your applications and data to cloud environments, ensuring scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

Application Transformation

Transform and modernize your applications with our Application Transformation services. We analyze, refactor, and optimize your existing applications for cloud compatibility, enabling enhanced performance and agility.

On-Premise Support and Automation

Ensure optimal performance of your on-premise infrastructure with our support and automation services. We provide solutions to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and prepare your systems for future cloud integration.

DevOps & SRE Services

Drive operational excellence with our DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) services. We implement best practices, automate workflows, and enhance collaboration between development and operations teams for continuous improvement.

CI/CD Automation and Optimization

Streamline your development processes with our Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) Automation and Optimization services. We design, implement, and optimize CI/CD pipelines for faster and more reliable software delivery.

Data and Analytics Strategy and Data Transformation

Define a comprehensive data and analytics strategy with our services. We assess your current data landscape, identify opportunities for transformation, and provide a roadmap for leveraging data to drive informed decision-making.

Data Governance

Establish robust data governance frameworks with our services. We help you define policies, procedures, and standards to ensure data quality, security, and compliance across your organization.

Cloud Data Migration and Cloud Native Services

We facilitate a smooth transition of your data to cloud environments, providing scalability, accessibility, and cost-efficiency.

Data Platform Development

Transform your data architecture with our Data Platform Development services. We design and implement scalable data platforms that support efficient storage, processing, and analysis of large datasets.


Embrace agility in data operations with our DataOps services. We integrate development, testing, and deployment processes, ensuring continuous collaboration and rapid delivery of data-driven solutions.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Unlock actionable insights from your data with our Business Intelligence Solutions. We design and implement BI solutions that enable intuitive data visualization, reporting, and analytics for informed decision-making.

Machine Learning, AI & Data Science

Drive innovation with our Machine Learning, AI & Data Science services. From strategy and development to maintenance and optimization, we deliver solutions that leverage advanced analytics for valuable insights.

AI Strategy

Define an AI strategy aligned with your business goals. We analyze your organizational needs, identify AI opportunities, and provide a roadmap for integrating AI into your operations.

AI and Machine Learning Engineering

Develop custom AI and Machine Learning solutions with our engineering services. We implement algorithms, models, and workflows tailored to your specific use cases.

MLOps Powered Machine Learning Systems

Operationalize your machine learning workflows with our MLOps services. We streamline the deployment, monitoring, and management of machine learning models for enhanced efficiency.

Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing

Explore the possibilities of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing with our services. We implement solutions that extract meaningful information from visual and textual data, opening new avenues for understanding and decision-making.

Full Stack Embedded and IoT Development

Leverage our expertise in Full Stack Embedded and IoT Development to create end-to-end solutions. We cover hardware and software development, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance across the entire stack.

Embedded Development for Manufacturing

Tailor your embedded solutions to manufacturing environments with our specialized Embedded Development services. We optimize systems to meet the unique challenges and requirements of manufacturing processes.

Connectivity Solutions for Embedded Systems

Enable seamless communication with our Connectivity Solutions for Embedded Systems. We design and implement solutions that facilitate connectivity between devices, sensors, and systems for efficient data exchange.

Mobile Communication Solutions

Integrate mobile communication seamlessly into your IoT ecosystem with our Mobile Communication Solutions. We design solutions that enable devices to communicate and be controlled via mobile networks, enhancing accessibility and flexibility.

Solutions for All Connectivity Ranges

Ensure compatibility with diverse connectivity options. Our Solutions for All Connectivity Ranges cover a spectrum of communication protocols, allowing your embedded systems to connect and communicate effectively across different ranges.

Cloud Support for Embedded/IoT Projects

Empower your embedded and IoT projects with scalable cloud integration. Our Cloud Support services ensure that your devices can seamlessly interact with cloud platforms, enabling centralized management, analytics, and updates.


Explore the potential of robotics with our R&D services. We conceptualize, design, and implement robotic solutions that enhance automation, efficiency, and precision across various industries.

Rapid Prototyping and Advanced Prototyping

Accelerate your innovation journey with Rapid Prototyping and Advanced Prototyping services. We swiftly transform concepts into tangible prototypes, allowing you to validate ideas, gather feedback, and iterate quickly.

Digital Twins

Unlock the power of Digital Twins with our services. We create virtual replicas of physical entities, enabling real-time monitoring, analysis, and optimization for enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency.

Industry 4.0

Embrace the future of manufacturing with Industry 4.0 solutions. Our R&D services focus on integrating smart technologies, IoT, and data analytics to create intelligent, connected, and automated manufacturing processes.

Open Innovation

Foster innovation through collaboration with our Open Innovation services. We facilitate partnerships, idea exchange, and collaborative projects to drive breakthroughs and stay at the forefront of industry advancements.


Revolutionize your R&D processes with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). We develop immersive solutions that enable realistic simulations, training, and visualization for enhanced innovation.


Explore the transformative potential of Blockchain with our services. We design secure and transparent solutions that leverage decentralized technology to enhance data integrity, security, and trust in various applications.

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Why you can
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Why you can
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Introducing NeedCode, your strategic partner in embedded system solutions for the IoT era.



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Reimagining Vaping with Connectivity: Vapeix Pixel 1.0 – The Wirelessly Connected Vaporizer

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What our clients
say about us

What our clients
say about us

needCode is an outstanding partner. Their quick follow-up, scalability, and extensive professional network set them apart. Their expertise in wireless technologies has been valuable, supporting us from low-level drivers to architecture discussions. They're willing to travel, building strong relationships with our team.

Tim AllemeerschDirector - Application SW, Wireless Connectivity BU at Qorvo, Inc.

I worked with needCode while leading the NWTN-Berlin team in 2018. A big chunk of our FW development has been outsourced to them, and they had proven to iterate very quickly, following specs and deliver on time. It was great working with them. I recommend working with needCode’s team on any Embedded SW development.

Marco Salvioli MarianiCTO at NWTN Berlin GmbH

needCode Team proved to be one of the best engineers I have ever met. The part I like the most about the team is the more difficult an obstacle seems to be, the more motivated they were to find a solution and a way forward.

Szymon SlupikCTO at Silvair

needCode did a great job improving the firmware of the Vai Kai connected toys and developing new features, surpassing our expectations multiple times. I would definitely recommend hiring Bartek and needCode for the embedded software projects!

Matas PetrikasCEO & Co-founder at Vai Kai UG

During our cooperation with needCode, their attention to detail and commitment to delivering top-notch solutions has never wavered. No matter the complexity of the task at hand, they always rise to the challenge, swiftly grasping intricate technical concepts and transforming them into efficient firmware code.

Sameh SarhanCEO @ Xtrava. Building Smart Techs that Saves Lives
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