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Embedded software development

Embedded software development – Programming Languages C, C++, Assembly, VerilogVHDL

At needCode, we adopt a holistic approach to embedded software development, using a range of specialized services to construct any type of embedded application that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Our comprehensive skill set allows us to seamlessly integrate multiple components, ensuring compatibility, scalability, and top-tier quality.

By focusing on current customer requirements while also anticipating future needs, we deliver robust and adaptable systems that excel in both functionality and security.

Board Support Packages (BSP) Development

At needCode, we meticulously craft Board Support Packages, enabling smooth interaction between the operating system and the hardware.

Providing abstraction layers using C or assembly language, we ensure that your hardware’s unique features are accessible without complex coding.

Our customized solutions cater to different platforms, including popular RTOS like FreeRTOS, ZephyrOS, and bare metal environments, reflecting our adaptability to diverse project requirements.

From in-depth analysis to ongoing maintenance, needCode’s BSP development service offers a resilient foundation for embedded systems, bridging hardware and software functionalities in a tailored, efficient manner.

Driver Solutions


GPIO, I2C, I3C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, ADC, PWM, DAC, Timers, Counters, RTC, USB, Ethernet, DMA, Watchdog Timer, Flash Memory, SDIO, JTAG, PDM , QSPI, Cryptographic Accelerators, Temperature Sensor, Voltage Reference.

In the realm of embedded systems, the creation of customized drivers is paramount for seamless hardware-software communication.

At needCode, we specialize in developing these drivers, leveraging dedicated Board Support Packages to ensure a cohesive interface. This allows developers to easily access all features of the hardware components without delving into intricate details.

Our process starts with an in-depth analysis of the hardware specifications, followed by a tailored development phase, employing languages such as C and C++. Emphasizing reliability and efficiency, we employ rigorous testing to ensure that the custom driver integrates flawlessly with the overall system.

needCode’s Driver Solutions offer a flexible, optimized approach to embedded development, bridging the gap between hardware and software, and paving the way for streamlined processes.


Sensor Data Acquisition

Our Sensor Data Acquisition services leverage cutting-edge technology and expertise to provide precise and reliable data collection.

By employing a robust architecture, we ensure that your sensors are adept at monitoring activities, tracking physiological and physical processes, and swiftly transferring this data with high reliability and stability. Whether it’s gathering data in real-time or at specific intervals, our solutions are engineered to adapt to your unique requirements.

With a focus on power efficiency, our customized solutions are designed to operate seamlessly, even in demanding environments. Our experienced team works closely with you to understand your needs, delivering a Sensor Data Acquisition system that not only fits your specifications but exceeds expectations.

At needCode, we believe in not just meeting requirements but in creating solutions that advance your business objectives, offering you a strategic advantage in your field.

Peripheral Device Management

Our Peripheral Device Management service offers the specialized software components needed to interface with a wide range of external devices.

We enable the precise manipulation of motors, heaters, valves, light sources, displays, speakers, relays, and other peripherals integral to the functionality of embedded systems.

Our expert team crafts tailor-made solutions that facilitate easy integration and control, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. By employing a user-friendly API and customizable controls, our service allows for flexible adaptation to various hardware configurations and project requirements.

With needCode’s Peripheral Device Management, you gain reliable, efficient, and versatile control over external elements, streamlining the operation of your embedded systems while accommodating specific needs and complexities.

User Interface Solutions

Understanding the importance of user interaction in embedded systems, our User Interface Solutions focus on creating intuitive and responsive connections between devices and users.

We provide a versatile API that facilitates notifications using various methods, such as LEDs, buzzers, displays, and haptic feedback, making information easily accessible.

Simultaneously, our expertise extends to collecting user input through diverse means, including buttons, keyboards, capacitive sliders, and other input mechanisms, ensuring a comprehensive and flexible user experience.

By tailoring our solutions to fit specific project needs, we ensure the provision of user interface components that not only function seamlessly, but also enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

With needCode’s User Interface Solutions, you gain a powerful tool to foster clear and efficient communication between your devices and users, enhancing both functionality and user experience.

Connectivity Solutions

Smart Lightning With expertise in end-to-end system design, development, and seamless integration, we ensure your products shine in the world of smart lighting.

NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, IR, ZigBee, USB, Thread, Matter, UWB (FiRa, CCC), LoRaWAN

In an interconnected world, needCode’s Connectivity Solutions are crucial in bridging devices within the IoT realm.

Specializing in wireless technologies such as BLE, BLE Mesh, ZigBee, Matter, Ultrawide Band, WiFi, cellular, and LoRa, we ensure seamless communication among devices, emphasizing both security and efficiency.

Our dedicated team leverages the communications stacks of chip vendors, allowing us to provide reliable and finely-tailored solutions for each specific use case.

Our engineers’ deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies, coupled with their involvement in various wireless solution consortiums, reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence. We ensure that our clients receive solutions that meet their exact requirements and align with the latest industry standards.

In addition, our Connectivity Solutions extend to include wired connection software components like USB, Ethernet, or proprietary systems. These offer additional functionalities, including lightning-fast data transfer and deep diagnostic opportunities, ensuring a complete and robust connection solution.

Through our blend of expertise, innovation, and collaboration, needCode’s Connectivity Solutions offer an adaptable and powerful approach to your connectivity needs, promising optimal performance and integration in a wireless world.

Smart Lightning With expertise in end-to-end system design, development, and seamless integration, we ensure your products shine in the world of smart lighting.

Wireless Access and Communication

Wireless access is an essential element in the world of IoT and embedded systems.

At needCode, we’re not just setting up basic connections; we’re creating robust, tailored communication pathways that serve specific needs.

Whether it’s delivering high-throughput data streaming for critical operations or enabling remote control and notifications for convenient system management, we’ve got it covered.

Our service extends beyond the typical wireless solutions, incorporating full device diagnostics for predictive maintenance and system optimization.

This allows you to keep tabs on the health and performance of your devices, facilitating timely interventions and reducing operational downtimes. From Wi-Fi to BLE and from Zigbee to Ultrawide Band, we make sure that your devices aren’t just connected, but connected smartly, securely, and efficiently.

With needCode, you gain a reliable and scalable wireless access solution that serves not just current needs but is also future-ready.

Charging and Power Management Solutions

Battery management is a critical part of modern wireless devices.

At needCode, we specialize in crafting strategies to minimize power consumption and extend battery life.

We also closely monitor battery levels and health, providing essential insights and notifications.

Our comprehensive charging solutions cater to various needs, from high-speed charging to sensitive care for different battery types.

Through innovative power conservation and flexible charging approaches, needCode’s Charging and Power Management Solutions maintain your devices’ efficiency and resilience, powering your projects with stability and longevity.

Storage Solutions for Embedded Systems

In the world of embedded systems, persistent storage isn’t just a luxury; it’s often a necessity. At needCode, we deliver reliable storage solutions that are as diverse as the applications they serve.

Whether you require SD card integration for larger storage capacities or in-built solutions through on-chip virtualization, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

Our services encompass storing data in various formats, from binary to more complex file systems. This flexibility allows us to adapt to different project requirements and ensures that your data is stored securely and can be accessed quickly and efficiently.

By offering a range of options, we ensure that you can choose the most appropriate storage solution for your specific application, balancing factors like speed, capacity, and reliability.

So, whether you’re looking to implement a straightforward binary data storage mechanism or need a comprehensive file system-based solution, needCode is your go-to for all things storage.

With our specialized storage solutions, you can count on robust, scalable, and secure data storage that is perfectly aligned with your embedded system’s requirements.

Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS)

Operating systems:

  • FreeRTOS,
  • ZephyrOS.

At needCode, we recognize the vital role that real-time operating systems (RTOS) such as FreeRTOS and Zephyr play in the fluid operation of IoT devices. Selecting and integrating the proper RTOS is at the core of our expertise, ensuring the efficient management of concurrent tasks and maximizing overall system performance.

Our specialization in crafting and customizing embedded operating systems, specifically utilizing FreeRTOS and Zephyr, enables flawless communication within IoT devices.

Our solutions are designed with scalability in mind, allowing for seamless growth and adaptation to changing requirements. If a specific platform does not have an existing port, our experienced team can create one, ensuring full compatibility with your particular hardware configuration.

Through meticulous planning and implementation, we bridge the gap between hardware and software, empowering your IoT applications with reliability and responsiveness.

Our personalized approach ensures that your unique project requirements are met with precision and excellence, leveraging our experience to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your embedded systems.

By focusing on adaptability and collaboration, needCode’s RTOS and embedded solutions offer a robust and future-ready foundation for your IoT projects.

Edge Computing Solutions: DSP and AI Integration

At needCode, we offer advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) solutions tailored to operate within stringent compute power and memory constraints.

By leveraging the C language, our expert team crafts firmware that facilitates efficient signal processing, transforming physical signals into digital form without overburdening the system.

This ensures seamless monitoring, analysis, and responsiveness, even in the most resource-limited settings.

Our services also extend to AI integration in scenarios where both memory and compute power are strictly limited. By focusing on precision and efficiency, we enable complex data analysis and real-time decision-making right at the edge of the network. This localized processing reduces latency and enhances response capabilities, all within the boundaries of available resources.

needCode’s edge computing solutions are meticulously designed to unlock the potential of constrained systems. By utilizing cutting-edge DSP and AI technologies, we equip devices with the power to process information locally, minimizing dependence on remote data centers.

The result is a highly agile, intelligent network architecture that meets the demands of the IoT landscape without compromising on efficiency or functionality. Our approach turns constraints into opportunities, providing a robust foundation for smarter, more adaptive embedded systems.

Bootloaders and Over-the-air-updates

At needCode, we recognize the importance of continual improvement and adaptability. Our advanced bootloader solutions serve as the robust starting point for any embedded system, adept at managing a variety of contingencies right from system startup.

These bootloaders are engineered to not just initiate the hardware and launch the operating system but also to install updates, whether they come through wired means or over-the-air.

In addition to bootloaders, we provide secure and efficient over-the-air (OTA) update capabilities.

These allow you to seamlessly implement the latest features, security patches, and behavioral corrections without requiring physical access to the device. The entire process is designed with security at its core, safeguarding your intellectual property through robust authentication and encryption protocols. This ensures both your data and system integrity remain uncompromised.

Embedded Applications and SDK

Our expertise in embedded applications goes beyond basic firmware development. Whether you’re looking to empower sensors for real-time monitoring, develop analytical IoT solutions that glean insights from data, or construct applications utilizing wireless technologies, we’ve got you covered.

Our solutions are tailored to fit diverse use-cases like healthcare wearables, navigation devices, and intelligent household systems.

We prioritize versatility, offering a one-stop-shop for comprehensive testing, programming, and seamless compatibility with a variety of hardware configurations.

To make our embedded solutions complete and easy to implement, we also offer custom Software Development Kits (SDKs). These SDKs make it easier for your development teams to build upon our foundational technologies, allowing for quicker integration and deployment of our solutions into your existing systems.

Alongside this, our focus on security and privacy ensures encrypted and authenticated data transmission, whether for direct connections between wearables and data-consuming devices or complex smart home ecosystems. With needCode’s Embedded Applications and SDK services, you’re not just meeting but exceeding customer expectations.

Legacy Code Maintenance and Enhancement

Legacy systems often form the backbone of various operations, and their maintenance is vital for continued business success.

At needCode, we have developed a robust approach to managing legacy code, leveraging our engineers’ deep experience and expertise. Our process begins with a thorough assessment of the existing system to identify potential areas for improvement or extension.

Recognizing that legacy systems often encompass specific requirements and unique complexities, we tailor our approach to align with your unique needs and objectives. Whether it’s enhancing functionality, integrating new features, or fixing existing issues, we handle it all with precision and care.

Beyond mere maintenance, we also look for opportunities to optimize and modernize where feasible, always with an eye on preserving the integrity and functionality of the original system. This approach ensures that your legacy code not only continues to serve its purpose but also adapts to the evolving demands of today’s technological landscape.

needCode’s legacy code maintenance service is about more than just keeping things running; it’s about strategic evolution, sustaining value, and ensuring that your existing assets continue to contribute to your business’s growth and success.

By entrusting your legacy systems to us, you gain the reassurance of working with professionals who appreciate the nuances of your specific code and are committed to maximizing its potential for the long term.

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