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Time & Material (T&M)

Embrace flexibility with our Time & Material engagement model, where clients pay for actual project hours and material costs. Ideal for dynamic projects with evolving scopes, it allows for real-time adjustments, transparency in costs, and rapid prototyping.

Project duration (months) 1-3
Time involvement Part/Full
Staffing time (weeks) 6
Team size (FTE) 1+
Commitment Short
Price  Medium

Staff Augmentation

Elevate your team on-demand with Staff Augmentation, a model that seamlessly integrates our skilled professionals into your project. Benefit from additional expertise, flexibility, and scalability without the long-term commitments of traditional hiring.

Project duration (months) 6+
Time involvement Full
Staffing time (weeks) 6
Team size (FTE) 2+
Commitment Medium
Price  Medium-low

Dedicated Development Center (DDC)

Ensure long-term success with our Dedicated Development Center, a tailored solution for extended projects. Enjoy the commitment of a dedicated team, fostering collaboration, efficiency, and adaptability for ventures with evolving scopes and extended timelines.

Project duration (months) 12+
Time involvement Full
Staffing time (weeks) 6
Team size (FTE) 2+
Commitment Long
Price  Low

Fix Scope & Price

Experience certainty in project costs and outcomes with our Fixed Scope & Price model. Ideal for well-defined projects, it offers clarity from the outset, allowing clients to plan budgets confidently while enjoying a pre-agreed scope of work.

Project duration (months) 3-6
Time involvement As needed
Staffing time (weeks) 6
Team size (FTE) As needed
Commitment Project specific
Price  Project specific

Ad-hoc support

Get instant assistance with our Ad-hoc Support model, providing on-demand services for unforeseen challenges or specific project needs. Whether it’s troubleshooting, quick fixes, or minor enhancements, our experts are ready to support you whenever you need it.

Project duration (months) Up to 1
Time involvement As needed
Staffing time (weeks) 0,5
Team size (FTE) As needed
Commitment Very short
Price  High
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