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Dedicated Development Center for RF Solutions

Dedicated Development Center for RF Solutions


Our client is a leading provider of RF solutions that enable wireless connectivity in various applications, including smartphones, Wi-Fi networks, automotive systems, defense technology, and IoT devices.


The company offers a wide range of semiconductor products, including amplifiers, switches, filters, oscillators, and integrated circuits, designed to meet the demands of diverse wireless communication needs.


They operate globally, with manufacturing facilities, design centers, and sales offices located in key regions such as North America, Europe, and Asia. This global footprint enables our client to serve customers across the world effectively.


With a commitment to innovation and a focus on customer satisfaction, they continually push the boundaries of what’s possible in wireless technology. Their dedication to quality and excellence has solidified their reputation as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of wireless connectivity.


By enabling connectivity and enhancing performance across various industries, our client plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of wireless communication.


Our client was looking for a trusted partner that could provide top-notch specialists for teams in Belgium, France and Ireland for covering entire business unit needs.

Why needCode?


Our client decision to partner with needCode underscores a strategic approach towards nurturing sustainable and collaborative alliances in the realm of IoT development.


needCode’s dedicated development center model epitomizes a tailored solution for businesses aiming to propel their IoT projects forward with optimal efficiency. By leveraging this model, companies can transcend the limitations of traditional in-house teams and tap into a pool of specialized talent provided by needCode. This remote team is exclusively dedicated to driving the success of the client’s IoT initiatives, ensuring focused attention and expertise every step of the way.


One of the key advantages of this collaborative model is its ability to combine the benefits of outsourcing with the assurance of maintaining complete control over the project’s direction and alignment with the company’s overarching goals. This synergy allows organizations to harness external expertise and resources while retaining the autonomy to steer the project according to their specific requirements and vision.


Moreover, the partnership with needCode offers more than just a transactional relationship; it fosters a long-term, partner-centric cooperation built on trust, reliability, and mutual success. Through open communication channels, proactive problem-solving, and continuous improvement, client and needCode can work together as strategic allies, navigating challenges and seizing opportunities in the dynamic landscape of IoT innovation.


In essence, the collaboration between our client and needCode represents a paradigm shift in how businesses approach IoT development, emphasizing agility, efficiency, and collaborative synergy to achieve transformative outcomes in the ever-evolving digital ecosystem.


Key needCode capabilities to enable successful partnership are:

  • Best in-class expertise in Wireless Connectivity Standards (Ultra WideBand [UWB], Bluetooth Low Energy [BLE], ZigBee, Matter),
  • Embedded Platform bring-ups and Software Development with full-stack experience including low-level drivers, FreeRTOS porting, communication stack and application layers with end user-centric approach to software development,
  • Expertise in supporting both embedded software R&D and customer support teams,
  • Leadership, Team Management and effortless new employee onboarding including contracting, training and processes.


Such cooperation would be beneficial for our client to:

  • Ensure meeting product roadmap deadlines,
  • Shorten communication path between various augmented Teams due,
    to on-site presence of needCode Engineers in Krakow, Poland,
  • Enable cross-team collaboration and best-practice exchanges,
  • Fast onboard affordable and highly skilled Polish Engineers,
  • Cultivate proven company cultural fit resulting from successful past cooperation.
needcode as your trusted partner



needCode is a trusted partner and approved vendor for more than 5 years. We work with Client Business Unit, providing top-notch Team Augmentation services for Teams in Belgium, France and Ireland.


More than 25 needCode’s employees are supporting business unit up to date, including:

  • Software Engineers,
  • Software Architects,
  • QAs Engineers,
  • Scrum Master.


High employee retention:
Employee-centric culture and attractive compensation packages resulting in only 4 engineers leaving the firm in 5+ years period (mainly relocation or career change).


Partnership results:

  • Contribution in bringing up 9 hardware platforms,
  • Active participation in BLE, BLE Mesh, ZigBee, Matter and UWB standards implementation,
  • Multiple SDK and Demos delivered.
Growth of needcode during cooperation

Example achievements

Fast onboarding of top-notch engineers at excellent value

needCode’s delivered the required experts in <6 weeks.


needCode has been asked for a short notice augmentation of BE Application Team to ensure a timely new platform delivery roadmap. We were tasked to onboard ASAP five highly specialized Engineers in Quality Assurance Test Automation and Embedded Software Engineering domain.


Key candidate onboarding challenges:

  • 6-month engagement contract
  • Start date within 60 days from the recruitment kick-off
  • Niche-skill set requirements


Value-added Staff Augmentation through needCode’s:

  • Extensive Software Engineer Network ensures access to vast talent pool and short delivery time
  • Tailored pre-screening that guarantees that the candidates align perfectly with project needs and commit to tackling challenges to avoid wasting time in interviewing non-matching applicants.
  • Involving customer representatives in interviews calls and assignments ensures both cultural and technical fit.


The key to the high completion recruitment rate is the effective communication and co-running the recruitment process with our client which accelerated hiring time and allowed us to find the right talent.

recruitment infographic

Customized solutions crafted to suit specific needs

Our client wanted to show their unique solution during the CES2023 tradeshow in Las Vegas. There were two key challenges:

  • Short-term solution delivery of 5 weeks for design, development and shipment,
  • Find a creative idea how to attract attendees to enable commercial team to present key differentiation features.


needCode Engineers were actively involved in the full development cycle, ranging from mechanical and hardware design, development of embedded software and desktop application to the assembly of the final product.


We created the arcade game that was using:

  • Rotating wheel to control character speed by broadcasting angular velocity with high frequency over raw 802.15.4 standard,
  • Large button to jump by asynchronously broadcast press events utilizing BLE,
  • Multi-protocol gateway that presents solution by receiving all data simultaneously.


The goal of the game was to reach the highest distance without hitting and obstacles.


The showcased arcade game has been used as a vehicle to promote outstanding technology even to non-tech-savvy audience, enabling demo assembly on the booth without the involvement of a specialized Engineer.

Branded mobile apps published on the app store shows our capabilities of holistic project delivery

needCode in collaboration, developed 2 mobile apps, one for BLE MESH and one for BLE, both available on iOS and Android platforms. The primary goal is to fully leverage the functionality of our client SDK. The apps served as examples and references for our client’s customers, that demonstrated how they could create their own applications to enhance their functionalities.



needCode handled the entire development process and lifecycle, including:

  • UI/UX design: Emphasis on transparency and easy-to-understand functionalities,
  • Implementation: Utilization of BLE functionalities compatible with iOS and Android,
  • Testing: End-to-end testing with mobile phones and development kits for 100% bug-free assurance and seamless integration with our client SDK,
  • CI/CD: Delivery of continuous integration and development system for test automation,
  • Release and publish: Follow the store procedures to ensure that applications are accessible to a broad audience.


Close collaboration of Embedded Software Engineers and Mobile Developers allowed to identify and improve BLE SDK and deep-dive testing identified minor issues in functionality to guarantee 100% bug-free operation between Apps and SDKs.


The apps are dedicated for Engineers and created by Engineers delivering the expected user functionalities. The final version of the apps received positive feedback from both internal and external users and has been used in multiple demo setups.

Dedicated Development Center

Reliable and capable global team that serves as a seamless extension of your operations

Personalized augmentation approach


With a carefully structured process, needCode ensures seamless onboarding of top-notch specialists with the required skills providing:

  • Senior Experts with required specialization know-how,
  • Recruitment time savings due to candidate pre-screening,
  • Client key recruitment process phases,
  • Continuous team member feedback-loop,
  • Assistance in ways of working optimization.


We enable your vision to become reality, backed by our expertise, commitment and passion for software development excellence. 

Flexible engagement models


needCode’s focus is to maintain long-term partnership with client through team augmentation models, however we understand that this is not always possible. In such case we offer various engagement models to meet our client’s team goals.


From ad-hoc support for urgent challenges to complete end-to-end solutions enabling flexible and successful collaboration.

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Maintenance (Post-Release Support)

When your product is successfully launched and available on the market we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your product remains competitive and reliable. This includes prompt resolution of any reported issues through bug fixes and updates.

We continuously enhance product features based on user feedback and market insights, optimizing performance and user experience.

Our team monitors product performance metrics to identify areas for improvement and proactively addresses potential issues. This phase aims to sustain product competitiveness, ensure customer satisfaction, and support long-term success in the market.

Commercialization (From MVP to Product

Our software team focuses on completing the full product feature range, enhancing the user interface and experience, and handling all corner cases. We prepare product software across the whole lifecycle by providing all necessary procedures, such as manufacturing support and firmware upgrade.

We also finalize the product's hardware design to ensure robustness, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

This includes rigorous testing procedures to validate product performance, reliability, and security. We manage all necessary certifications and regulatory compliance requirements to ensure the product meets industry standards and legal obligations.

By the end of this phase, your product is fully prepared for mass production and commercial deployment, with all documentation and certifications in place.

Prototyping (From POC to MVP)

Our development team focuses on implementing core product features and use cases to create a functional Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We advance to refining the hardware design, moving from initial concepts to detailed PCB design allowing us to assemble first prototypes. Updated documentation from the Design phase ensures alignment with current project status. A basic test framework is established to conduct preliminary validation tests.

This prepares the product for real-world demonstrations to stakeholders, customers, and potential investors.

This phase is critical for validating market readiness and functionality before proceeding to full-scale production.

Design (From Idea to POC)

We meticulously select the optimal technology stack and hardware components based on your smart product idea with detailed use cases and feature requirements (Market Requirements Document / Business Requirements Document). Our team conducts thorough assessments of costs, performance metrics, power consumption, and resource requirements.

Deliverables include a comprehensive Product Requirements Document (PRD), detailed Software Architecture plans, an Initial Test Plan outlining validation strategies, Regulatory Compliance Analysis to ensure adherence to relevant standards, and a Proof of Concept (POC) prototype implemented on breakout boards.

This phase aims to validate the technical feasibility of your concept and establish a solid foundation for further development.

If you lack a validated idea and MRD/BRD, consider utilizing our IoT Strategic Roadmap service to gain insights into target markets, user needs, and desired functionality. Having a structured plan in the form of an IoT Strategic Roadmap before development begins is crucial to mitigate complications in subsequent product development phases.